Alfadis Platforms

Alfadis Platforms is a part of Saca Group

Within the Saca Group, Sima is functioning as a parent company. Sima is the specialist in the design, the production and the installation of solutions for the painting and surface treatment. Sima's product range mainly consists of painting booths and painting installations, industrial ovens, preparation areas, liquid lacquer painting lines with transporting systems and completely equipped companies. As far as industrial projects are concerned, Alfadis Platforms offers multiple platforms simplifying the working environment of the painter.

The design, the whole manufacture as well as the sales of the lifting platforms take place within Saca Group. With the SACA company, Alfadis Platforms & Sima are disposing of a production department in Mouscron. All steps about the design, across the realisation, the placement and the installation occurs by own personnel. In this way, we guarantee our customers a good development of the operations, an after sales service and an exhaustive maintenance.

For the maintenance of your spray booths, we do recommend our professional company, named Alfa.dis Services & Filters. Mark and his team are available for a maintenance contract, the maintenance of the burners and the replacement of the filters. we work also together with our Privileged Partner Vip Tools. As an importer of applications and quality marks like SATA, RUPES, DRESTER and IRT, they are the specialist for all kind of accessories for your project. Finally we work together with Dekri, for the electrotechnical expertise, this expertise is not only suitable for the development, assembly and installation of electrical panels, but also focuses on aftercare. 

Thanks to this intelligent collaboration, Alfadis Platforms is an international player on the market of industrial lifting platforms. The combination of our innovating product range, our passion for quality and for successful customised realisations, we satisfy our customers more than necessary.

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A preventive maintenance and quality filters assure not only a quality spray, but also limits breakdowns and defects of the spray booths and preparation zones.

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Haco is a historical partner of Saca Group. Haco manufactures and sells sheet metal machines worldwide.

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Production of the products distributed by Alfadis, Sima et Clid Systèmes.


Sima Bodyshop

In the field of car damage repair Sima has become an international leading company for spray booths, drying booths, preparation areas, labs, and complete turn-key installations.

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Sima industry

Sima develops, manufactures and installs solutions for the application of liquid paintings and the installation of surface treatment for industry worldwide.

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VIP Tools

VIP tools distributes a range of products for body works and the industry of surface treatment industry.

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For the electrotechnical expertise, this expertise is not only suitable for the development, assembly and installation of electrical panels, but also focuses on aftercare.

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