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LAG (Bree), satisfied customer of Alfadis Platforms.


In order to start the summer break with the good foot, we wanted to put a customer in the spotlight. LAG Bree is a well-known value in the European tanker transport industry with her innovative transport solutions. Given that the pieces ‘to be painted’ are considerably big, they called in the expertise of the working platforms of Alfadis Platforms.

  • Alfadis Platforms LAG
  • Alfadis Platforms working platforms LAG

Surface treatment

As a specialist in solutions for surface treatment problems, we offered our access platforms to the customer. The project quickly became a great collaboration between two companies Alfadis Platforms and Sima (as new spray booths were required).

We took our photographer to capture the 4 working platforms of Alfadis Platforms and the 2 spray booths of Sima.

  • Alfadis Platforms LAG_1
  • Alfadis Platforms LAG_3
  • Alfadis Platforms LAG_4
  • Alfadis Platforms LAG_5
  • Alfadis Platforms LAG_6

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