Alfadis Platforms

Project in the picture: Eisenmann Linde

Eisenmann Linde searched the help of Alfadis Platforms for their demasking and powder booths. The result is a set of Alfalift HX4 that is adapted to the circumstances of the boots and the wishes of the client.

Take a look...

  • Eisenmann Linde 1
  • Eisenmann Linde 2
  • Alfalift HX4 custom built platform
  • Alfadis Platforms' HX4
  • Eisenmann Linde & Alfadis Platforms
  • Eisenmann Linde 4
  • Alfalift HX4
  • Pneumatic Platform HX4
  • Pneumatic access platform HX4
  • Pneumatic working platform Alfalift HX4

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