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News - January 2023

“The fully customized solution !”

Based on the analysis carried out by a commercial contact and our in-house engineers, it will be determined whether the customer's requirements can be covered by using a standard model, or whether they can only be met by modifying and extending a standard configuration, resulting in a fully customized solution.

Once the engineering starts, the importance of mutual communication between Alfadis Platforms and the customer cannot be underestimated. Weekly or every two weeks consultations are frequently planned to discuss and speed up the progress of the plans.


We like your truck dirty

During these meetings, Alfadis Platforms is represented by your commercial contact and by engineers who are responsible for the design and technical provisions of the realization.
Through thorough consultation and constant focus on all details, Alfadis Platforms can guarantee a perfect solution to your request.

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“Don’t get stuck in your past, paint to brighten your future”


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