Alfadis Platforms
Alfalift pneumatic HX3 platform


The HX3 is the standard model. It can move 3-dimensional and can carry one person and his equipment. Pneumatic cylinders and chains make the vertical and horizontal movements possible. A pneumatic motor navigates the platform for all lateral movements. 

The doors of the cage can open on the inside and close themselves by means of spring hinges (max. load of 150kg). The height of the mast is 4270 mm (standard) but can be up to 5070 mm. 



Reference Model 580 Model 730 Model 830 Model 830 MAX
A 920 mm 1070 mm 1170 mm 1270 mm
B 580 mm 730 mm 830 mm 830 mm
C max 4100 mm 4100 mm 4100 mm 4100 mm
D 1420 mm 1970 mm 2270 mm 2470 mm
Max. stroke 500 mm 900 mm 1100 mm 1200 mm
  • HX3 technical drawing
  • HX3 technical drawing


Alfalift HX3
Alfalift HX3