Alfadis Platforms


Alfalift hydraulic and electric access platforms provide a safe and worry-free work environment where the operator is the primary concern. These elevating platforms are designed for use in spray booths, but can also be put in other hazardous areas. They go much higher than the Alfalift HX and are thus usable in industries where large items have to be easily reached.

The cage has a door on both sides, but if necessary it can also be equipped with a door in the front to exit the cage at height.

  • Scissor platform
  • Rotative platform

A wheel allows the platform to move from the left to the right. This is done by a motor reductor with frequenced control. Thus, the access platform can go and stop without a sudden movement. The emergency circuit is also made this way and allows the platform to stop in a controlled manner during an emergency. 

The platform

The working platform is made of mechanically welded tubes. The floor is a grindfloor that allows the ventilation of the booth to pass through the floor. It is designed to carry a person and his equipment. The platform has a nett weight between 1500 & 1800 kg. Optional features can be added. 

3D movement of the platform



The control board is situated at the rear of the platform, on the side of the mast. The platform can also be equipped with 3 handles for simple use.


technical data



up & down 6 m/minute
left & right 10 - 25 m/minute
in & out 6 m/minute



The Alfalift HD & HE is equipped with several safety devices:

° against leaks and pinching of the hoses
° against excess charges, due to a censor
° against collisions and obstacles on the ground
° against the breaking of the chain
° against a power supply breakdown
° against leaks in the hydraulic unit (only for HD)
° a horn in the cage to alert the other person
° 2 anchoring points
° against unwanted openings of the access doors


If you want more information about our hydraulic or electric access platforms, contact us by 'I want to know more' and we will respond soon. 

Hydraulic & Electric Platforms
Hydraulic & Electric Platforms