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The Alfadis pneumatic work platforms are easy to operate, which allows them to move three dimensional. The results are better quality, more efficiency and an improved working environment, that leads to direct cost savings. They can be used in painting booths and other hazardous areas.

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  • Alfadis Platforms HX3


The Alfa.lift HX is a 3D pneumatic lift platform that is used in hazardous and flammable environments. The control is three dimensional and improves the safety and efficiency during applications where easy height access is required.

The installation is simple and little maintenance is needed. This pneumatic access platform will increase profitability, operator's well-being and productivity. The Alfalift HX comes with a connexion for compressed air. 

The HX pneumatic work platform is mounted on the side walls of the booth. The platform leaves the floor free and can increase access to the entire workspace. The platforms are pneumatically powered and use no more compressed air than a standard spray gun (6-8 bar). 

The platform

The access platform is made of a mechanical welded construction of tubes. The floor is a non-skid plate and the lift platform is surrounded by railings of 1100 mm high. There is a baseboard of 230 mm high to prevent objects from falling. Optional features can be added. You can find these when you scroll further down. 

° Netto weight between 400 & 700 kg.
° Maximum load of 150 - 250 kg.


The cage is equipped with 3 handles for simple use: 

° up & down
° moving in & out
° left & right

The handles return automatically to their neutral position when released. They are situated on the back of the platform, on the side of the mast, to prevent unwanted movements. 


Technical data


up & down 6 m/minute
left & right 25 m/minute
in & out 6 m/minute


The Alfalift HX is equipped with 4 safety devices:

° against leaks and pinching of the hoses
° against excess charges
° against collisions and obstacles on the ground.
° against unwanted openings of the access door. 


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Pneumatic Platforms
Pneumatic Platforms