Alfadis Platforms


Pneumatic platform for zinc spraying booth


The HX is a pneumatic platform that allows an easy movement in total security in the three dimensions. It replaces ladders and scaffolds with a better quality and result during the zinc spraying activities and surface treatments. The working environment has been improved because the working environment is clear and free form any obstacle.

All pneumatic platforms can be used as lift platforms in zinc spraying booth.

Electric platform for zinc spraying booth


The HE sidewall electrical lifting platforms are travelling on rails and are designed for the use in zinc spraying booths. The customer provides steel construction required for the guiding rails. You have the possibility to work with a scissor type construction, as well as a swivelling arm.  The scissor type construction offers a larger extension towards the centre of the booth.

Hydraulic platform for zinc spraying booth


These HD platforms provide a safe and worry-free environment where the operator is the primary concern.  All platforms are designed and engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and safety regulations. Both the hydraulic scissor lift as the hydraulic rotative lifting platform can be used in zinc spraying booths. 


Zinc Spraying Booth
Zinc Spraying Booth