Alfalift HX5

This variant of the HX3 is specially designed to relieve the structure of the booth of the additional load resulting from the platform.  Since the HX5-platform travels on a rail on the ground, the whole weight is supported by that rail, while the structure against the side wall only serves as a support.

Like the HX3, this platform offers the advantages of a 3D work platform combined with a limited investment. The elevator is suitable for 1 person, and once again there are 4 different configurations to choose from.


rail on the ground

The Alfalift HX5 is the newest innovation of Alfadis Platforms. This 3D access platform is similar to the HX3 but it is specially built for booth structures who aren't strong enough to hold platforms.

The HX5 platform drives fully on the ground and doesn't come in contact with the wall.

Tech Specs

HX5Pers.WorkheightDistance WallDimensions






580141001100 Min - 1600 Max580900 5005275
730141001250 Min - 2150 Max730900 9005275


141001350 Min - 2450 Max83090011005275
830 MAX141001450 Min - 2650 Max83090012005275

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