Alfalift HX6

The HX6 is a modification of the HX4, purpose built to relieve the structure of the booth of the additional load resulting from the platform.  Since the HX6-platform, like the HX5, travels on a rail on the ground, the whole weight is supported by that rail, while the structure against the side wall only serves as a support.

Like the HX4, this platform is distinguished by its wider cage, and a higher load capacity of up to 250kg.


higher load capacity

The Alfalift HX6 is the newest innovation of Alfadis Platforms.
This platform is similar to the HX5, but is built to lift 2 persons and their equipment.

The HX6 platform drives fully on the ground and doesn't come in contact with the wall.
It is made with two doors on both sides that close automatically with the help of spring hinges.

Tech Specs

HX6Pers.WorkheightDistance WallDimensionWidthCourseMast
700252001270 Min - 2170 Max7001250-18509006260
800252001370 Min - 2470 Max8001250-185011006260
900252001470 Min - 2770 Max9001250-185013006260
1000252001570 Min - 2770 Max10001250-185012006260
1000*252001570 Min - 2970 Max10001250-185014006260

(not limited to the above models, custom made models are possible after verification by engineering)

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