3D platforms for all applications in surface treatment

Since 2001, Alfadis Platforms lifting platforms are at the forefront of technology. Alfadis Platforms is a leader in the development of new technologies. Years of experience allow our research department to offer optimal, realistic and cost effective solutions for your surface treatment problem.

Thanks to its extensive experience, we can offer access platforms for all applications in surface treatment, with more advanced design, and a highly professional approach, including:

  • Modern processing machines, controlled by a computer.
  • Internal engineering CAD.
  • Own production with flexible manufacturing.
  • The dedication and commitment of a skilled team that provides a thorough analysis for each customer.
  • A customised installation according to the needs of each customer.

Legislation & documents

Legislation & documents

All the lifts of Alfadis Platforms are accompanied by a certificate and CE marking and are approved under the European legislation. Each moving platform is delivered with a detailed English user manual including maintenance instructions and service manual. A technical file containing the electrical schemes (E- plan ) can be obtained by explicit request.

Our Alfadis working platforms can be found by customers in different sectors like the railway industry, heavy duty industry, truck repair industry or even the aviation industry.


The striking power
of a group

Alfadis Platforms is part of the renowned Saca Group, which incorporates many complementary entities. Although these companies are linked by surface treatment within an industrial setting, they each have their own focus. At Alfadis Platforms, we focus on simplifying the painter's work when (s)he has to work on large objects on a daily basis. We provide the best possible equipment for this type of job, a secure and eff icient lifting platform.


In-house engineering
& production

The tailor-made platform systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in the state-of-the-art production facility of Alfadis Platforms in Mouscron, Belgium, close to the French border.

To guarantee a high level of quality, we choose to design and manufacture all elements in our own production facility. By doing so, we can assure that an approved project design will look and perform exactly the way it was intended.


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