CU Custom made platforms

At Alfadis Platforms, we fully understand that companies do not turn to us just to purchase one of the systems in our offering, but for a solution tailored to their needs. So if you can't find what you are looking for on the previous pages, don't worry ! Get in touch with our in-house experts and discover how far we can go in customizing your project !

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a solution tailored to the needs

In-house production

Alfadis Platforms explicitly chooses not to outsource anything to external subcontractors. This increases the speed of completion, even for custom solutions.

Production is always carried out either in the production department in Mouscron, or by another subsidiary of the Saca Group in Slovakia. All electrical facilities are carried out by our own electrical engineers of the Saca Group.

The advantage of this approach is that we maintain full controll from beginning to and, which means that for many years now we have been able to offer a high quality level, whether in standard configurations or custom solutions.


Unprecedented flexibility

Looking for a special elevating platform, with vertical or horizontal movement and a huge range ?  Alfadis Platforms will take care of it !  Our in-house engineers will explore your needs, after which the ideal tailor-made answer will be developed.

This far-reaching flexibility is one of our many strengths, ensuring that your solution will be the perfect match for your needs.



Although Alfadis Platforms will of course provide all kinds of recommendations regarding safety, the practical feasibility of certain wishes and legal conformity, every elevating platform - without exception - will also be homologated before shipment by an international notified body.

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