HS Hydraulic platforms

Alfalift hydraulic and electric access platforms provide a safe and worry-free work environment where the operator is the primary concern. These elevating platforms are designed for use in spray booths, but can also be put in other hazardous areas. They go much higher than the Alfalift HX and are thus usable in industries where large items have to be easily reached.

The cage has a door on both sides, but if necessary it can also be equipped with a door in the front to exit the cage at height.

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autonomously and securely on the ground

The Alfalift HS is our solution for working at height in an ergonomic way for activities that are not carried out in a booth. Since it runs autonomously and securely on the ground, there is no need for an external support structure. Given the potentially large platform, we opt for a hydraulic, PLC-controlled drive.

Each HS platform is designed to measure and together with the customer, according to the dimensions of the object to be sprayed, the available space and the activity.

In addition, a large number of options can be provided to meet the customer's specific requirements.

One of the most common uses of this model is in train construction and repair, where the activities can be performed within the range of the platform.

Tech specs

Noise levelMax. 85 dBUp & Down6 m/min
Charge300 kgLeft & Right10-25 m/min

Max stroke horizontal

600In & Out6 m/min
Max stroke vertical3900
Cage size4130x1200

(not limited to the above models, custom made models are possible after verification by engineering)


Versatile solution for diverse activities/industriesStand-alone
Cost & time savingATEX certified and approved
Improved ergonomicsMaintenance friendly

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