Alfalift options

Alfadis platforms constantly challenges itself to innovate, based on what is important to their customers. Some of these innovations and options to the original configuration are convenient and smart, others have become almost indispensable to be able to efficiently carry out painting and other applications.


Anti-collision system

A movement sensor or a net under the cage ensures that in the event of a collision the damage can be limited. When a collision is detected, the platform automatically stops immediately. Before further use, the movement of the platform has to be released by the operator.

Dsc05554 1

Doors or drop down fencing

Alfadis Platforms can implement doors or fences along the front of the platform cage.  Fences can be dropped down to reach surfaces ergonomically.

Doors can be used to leave the cage on height safety.

IMG 20200210 073627

ATEX sockets

Operators who need electrical energy in the cage can consider having (ATEX) sockets installed in the platform cage.


Protection Covers

To protect the cage and its components against overspray, and guarantee a long lifespan, protection covers can easily be installed and replaced.


Pump onboard

To shorten a trailing paint hose and associated paint losses, and increase safety, the paint pump and recipient can be installed on the platform itself.



To compensate the shadows of the platform itself and the operator, additional lights can be installed around the cage.

IMG 20200210 102431

Dust extraction

To compensate the shadows of the platform itself and the operator, additional lights can be installed around the cage.

For heavy industrial applications, it is possible to equip the platform with a system for dust extraction.

0 R5 A4171

Other options

All possible options can be implemented.  Moreover, the presence of additional functionalities does not affect the annual inspection of a platform system.

So, if you want to reach higher, do not hesitate to get in touch! We have listed some of the most comon options below.

Most Common Options

HosereelFoot pedalsFloor guidance
Cable chainPaint distribution on cageAutomatic door lock cage
Cable Trolley
Parking position upBreathing air
ATEX PlugDouble wheel under/aboveBalancer load help
Door in frontAdditional air connectionStop collision
Light unit (ATEX)Hinge for middle doorHome position contact
Safety PinRemovable railLadder next to cage

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